Big Button Cell Phones and Many Other Features are Making This Technology Senior-friendly

Mobile phones make life a little easier for everyone but for seniors they can be lifesaving. A cell phone instantly connects seniors with family members or medical services when they are in need. It is a tool that helps them to remain independent longer without sacrificing their safety. Many seniors think technology is intimidating or frustrating, but there are many new features and apps that make cell phones easier and more enjoyable for them to use.

See Buttons Easier

Many cell phone manufacturers now install features that make their phones easier for people with a visual impairment. Black keys on a white background, a speaking keyboard and big button cell phones are just some of the options available. These are also very helpful features for people that may not have good dexterity in their fingers.

Make it Usable

Cell phones have more going for them than just having a keyboard that is easier to see or use. A launcher app for seniors makes the icons larger and uses simple descriptions so they are easier to identify. The content is easy to change, so the phone user has only what they want on the screen. This eliminates the clutter of endless icons that are never used.

Keep Them Safe

GPS technology keeps people safe if they become lost or are experiencing a medical emergency. Apps are also available to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and other vitals. This makes it possible for people to keep their physician updated on their health without as many trips to see their doctor. Apps are also now available that connect them with emergency services with a single tap.

Loneliness is a serious concern for many seniors. A cell phone gives them the ability to connect with their children and grandchildren easier. Texting and phone calls provide an instant connection that can make their day a little brighter. Having the ability to have a cell phone at their side will also make it easier for them to connect with their friends and have a more active social life. Anyone that has decided against a cell phone because it was too hard to see or to use should look over the options now available.