Reasons Job Seekers Should Work With a Staffing Agency

If a job search isn’t going as planned, don’t worry. Instead, join the thousands of people who have gotten their dream jobs through a Staffing agency. According to info from the American Staffing Association, 90% of people say that an agency’s help has made them more marketable. With that fact, below are several reasons to use a staffing firm.

Employment is Not Limited to a Single Industry or Position

From assembly line workers to executives, full-service recruitment firms are typically looking for people to fill a variety of positions in many industries. This means that they can find a job to match any candidate’s unique skills.

Services are Free to Job Seekers

A reputable employment agency doesn’t charge those looking for work. Rather, they’re paid by companies looking for candidates. A worker who uses a staffing firm gets the benefit of the firm’s expertise, which gives them additional time to go through the rest of the job search process.

Work is Flexible

An employment agency works to align candidates with positions that are suited to their experience, goals, and abilities. Therefore, the candidate can typically choose where, when, and how he or she wants to work, whether it’s:

  • Full or part-time
  • First, second, or third shift
  • Permanently or seasonally
  • In a factory, field, or office setting

Agencies Can Help Candidates Get a Foot in the Door

Job hunting is a full-time effort in itself, and the competition can be quite stiff in some fields. Because employment agencies work with clients to find top talent, they can eliminate barriers and get a worker’s resume closer to the top of the pile. Additionally, these agencies can often find jobs that aren’t publicly advertised, which can open workers up to better opportunities.

Professional Development and Training

The best employment agencies give candidates the support and professional development they need. This may include:

  • Interview and resume advice
  • Social media and networking coaching
  • Training and orientation
  • Assistance with skill development

If a candidate is still unsure as to whether they can work with an employment agency, they can visit us online or call us to learn more.