The Risks of Attempting to Decrypt Encrypted Files

The days of simple computer viruses that can be easily reversed with software are gone. These days, hackers and cyber criminals are intelligent people who utilize advanced codes and techniques to attack a business and encrypt emails, data, and files. Instead of attacking one or two computers, the entire business system can be rendered useless in a matter of minutes, crippling a business. Large businesses with information technology (IT) departments may have the capacity to decrypt encrypted files in most cases. Medium and small businesses often do not. Attempting to decrypt files can actually cause more damage to business data. Advanced attacks require professionals with experience in decryption.

The best solution to a cyber attack is excellent disaster planning that consists of more than one backup system for data. If an attack does happen, the data is protected either online, on a flash drive, in the cloud, or on another server completely. Most businesses do not think an attack will happen to them so they are not always well-prepared. Once files are encrypted, do not attempt to decrypt them alone. If the business utilizes an IT company, call immediately for emergency services. Those that have no outside IT company need to contact an experienced one as soon as possible. In the case of ransomware, do not pay the demanded amount. Most cyber criminals do not release the decryption code after payment. They will request further payments because they are relying on desperation and panic to motivate the business owner to pay more money.

An experienced company will have better success at decryption because it is what professionals do every day. They will be able to assess the situation and the apparent extent of the damage to the files and the system. From that point, a plan can be quickly developed and implemented to get the business back up and operating in a timely manner. Until help arrives, disconnect the infected computers from the main system. It is wise to be proactive when it comes to protecting business data. Consult an IT provider to have the current system assessed for security. Discover weak spots and fix them before a hacker finds them first.